Pogany's Birthday!  - November 2021

What a wonderful day it was when Pogany and his "mother" Ilinca Istrate returned to share his birthday with the children at Centrul Curcubeu!  Pogany brought lots of gifts with him, sweets, toys, fruits, shoes, clothes, hugs for everyone and lots of love!
The children also had a marvelous time creating their own fun sock puppets!
Thank you so much, Ilinca!  Until next time, we'll be waiting for you with open arms!

Aventura Park Bacău excursion

The younger children from Centrul Curcubeu were thrilled with an amazing excursion day! The morning was spent at an adventure park, with zip lines and routes through the trees. After a fascinating visit to the natural history museum, we enjoyed bumper cars, harness jumping and ice cream in the city's central park!

Children’s Day - June 1, 2018

International Children's Day was full of great fun for children from three villages. Activities organized by our big team of volunteers included face painting, trampoline, parachute games, cotton candy, chocolate-covered fruit salad sticks, art projects and karaoke!

Figa Excursion

Thanks to a very special invitation, children from Centrul Curcubeu enjoyed an amazing time last week! An excursion across the country to the beautifully arranged recreational area in Baile Figa! This is a recently developed area, with many different swimming pools, water slides and other facilities. The comfortable housing provided for us by our host included a cellar game room, perfect for fun evenings after full days at the pools and tennis courts! Along the way, we also got to enjoy beautiful scenery, pausing at Lacu Rosu and for a short hike up to an interesting cave in the woods. Though many of the children were somewhat fearful of water before this trip, after a short time at the pools, everyone was comfortable and enjoying themselves enormously! For most of them, it was the first time swimming and the first time on water slides. We also tried our first games of tennis.

Superheroes & Superpowers

An amazing week of superheroes and superpowers at Centrul Curcubeu! With lots of games and activities, videos and true-life stories, the children of Mărăști explored what makes a superhero and how we can develop the best qualities inside of each of us. Of course, the greatest superpower is Love! Special thanks to our supervolunteers who helped make this week an unforgettable experience for the kids!

Table tennis tournament

Special friends visiting from Germany, Kai and Luci engineered many special moments for the Curcubeu children, including a table tennis tournament, complete with elimination chart, medals and trophies!

Vacation Bible Fun School in Fruntesti - 2018

During the first week of August , FAVOR held a vacation school program in the village of Fruntesti. This year’s theme was “Defeating the Giants!” Over 60 children from three villages attended these days of lesson-filled fun!

Making waffles!

Most of the children enrolled in Centrul Curcubeu have no kitchen and no running water in their homes. Cooking is done on the same wood-burning oven that heats the house. Naturally, they are thrilled about opportunities they have at the Center to learn various cooking skills and create different types of food. On this day, some of the younger girls had a marvelous time making their own waffles from scratch and then eating them, topped with home-made jam!

Year-end Party - June 2019

Thanks to an inspired initiative from students in Bacau's Liceul Economic, the children of Mărăști celebrated their last day of school with a wonderful party at Centrul Curcubeu! Games, face-painting, costumes, snacks and gifts made it a very special time for all, as well as the perfect opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to our faithful volunteer, Diana!