Who we are

The Rainbow Center offers quality education free of charge to needy children

Established by Asociatia FAVOR in 2012, the Rainbow Center (Centrul Curcubeu) in Marasti, com. Filipeni, provides quality education free of charge to needy children from three villages.
Centrul Curcubeu offers a “rainbow of hope” and positive solutions to combat the deeply entrenched cycle of lack of education and resulting poverty. Remedial educational tutoring, positive reinforcement of the possibilities education can provide, and instilling confidence, determination and self-worth are the central focus of the program.

How can we help?

Charity through Material Support

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Charity through Encouragement

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Charity through Love


The utility of the Rainbow Center

Progressive, non-formal educational methods effectively contribute to the children’s social skills and personal development, while at the same time making learning fun! FAVOR firmly believes that if given the necessary skills, vision and opportunities, these children can succeed and go on to make a positive contribution to the world.

FAVOR’s program is designed to combat early school abandonment among socioeconomically disadvantaged rural youth. Some of the main factors contributing to kids leaving school early are lack of parental support, lack of basic material needs and family conflict. 

At Centrul Curcubeu, the children have many of their material needs taken care of, including food, clothing and school supplies. They also receive a great deal of encouragement and emotional support, which contributes to them believing in their ability to overcome challenges.

Not least of all, the prevailing loving atmosphere in the Center, where many of the children feel part of a real family, helps to heal many of their emotional scars.

At Centrul Curcubeu, school studies are given serious attention. Most of the children attending were far behind where they should be scholastically for their age when they came to the Center. Many of them were illiterate. With plenty of individualized attention, lots of encouragement and progressive teaching methods, all of them have been able to learn. Some have risen to the top of their class.

Get involved as a volunteer

Every volunteer passionate about children is a fantastic support in becoming these children. He helps bring dreams home to the children he engages with.

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