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For a better life that can be influenced by you

Throughout the school year, the team of volunteers of the Favor association dedicates part of their free time to the children from the Rainbow Day Center, offering them support and guidance in solving their homework..

The love of each volunteer offered to the children, every time they see each other again, reinforces even more the idea that they are not just simple teenagers who come to help them with homework, but are the people they can trust and tell them any problem. they have

The child-volunteer relationship is a very close one. Children feel the kindness and enthusiasm that volunteers have when they come to them, giving them a warm smile and all their love in return..

With the help of the knowledge accumulated in the previous classes and not only, the volunteers are at the disposal of each child, whenever it is needed. In addition to supporting children with homework, they prepare a weekly educational topic, based on which they start a discussion with the children in order to store new and interesting information.

By participating in volunteer-led activities such as “Past, Present, Future,” “Motivation,” and “Self-Confidence,” children develop healthy attitudes and perspectives in a way that is pleasing to them.

Homework and things related to school are forgotten on Friday, when children have the opportunity to spend other beautiful time with their favorite volunteers. Thus, through different games, both indoor and outdoor, in the courtyard of the center, children enjoy and enjoy every beautiful moment.

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